Press Release 2019

  Therapist Aims To Correct Work-Related Stress

El Cajon, California—Tracie Renee, a 20-year practitioner of Western and holistic healthcare 
practices is seeking to change the way employers view on-
the-job massage therapy.

 Renee is a proponent of seated chair massage during the workday and 
strives to educate business leaders on how short, on-the-job massages can increase employee 
energy and decrease stress, leading to a more productive work environment.
Renee’s interest in bringing massage therapy to professional works paces developed years after 
becoming a massage therapist in 1999. In her work, she noted a troubling trend: many of her 
clients with chronic issues were desk-bound professionals suffering from neck, shoulder, and 
back pain. With this in mind, she saw an opportunity to help curb the problem now is dedicating time to companies weekly, monthly and even quarterly, to focus on workplace massage and help curb issues associated with 
sedentary, desk-bound professions. 

As employees spend increasingly more time at their desks, both physical and mental ailments 
can begin to develop. Studies show that as stress and anxiety increase in the workplace, 
productivity decreases, which can impact an employer’s bottom line. Additionally, many 
sedentary employees tend to sit for long periods with poor posture, which can lead to a host of 
physical problems. Studies have shown that the effects of sitting to long are harmful and have powerful side effects including mental tension and anxiety.
Renee believes that employers that take the lead in helping their workers combat these physical 
and mental ailments will see a number of benefits in addition to the benefits to their employees, 
including an improved workplace satisfaction and increased productivity, which impact a 
company’s reputation and bottom line in positive ways.

 Massage is a proven strategy to help 
relieve employee pain and tension while increasing the flow of oxygen to the brain and muscles. 
Through a 10 15-minute chair massage, workers will enjoy a relaxing experience that will 
rejuvenate their minds and decrease stress, increasing their morale and productivity. 

For companies seeking to help combat employee stress and improve workplace productivity, 
Renee works with managers to schedule 10-15-minute, on-the-job chair massages and can give 
advice on environmental workspace changes companies can make to continue to increase 

The employees treated to a chair massage frequently 
share how much they appreciate the gesture and how it has helped them. “This is a huge benefit 
to employees,” Renee said.

To learn more or simply schedule a day for demonstration or call (619) 905-
9251 or email [email protected]

Tracie Renee HHP


“He taught us a lot about friendship and all the things you can accomplish as a team.”

Stress is not a weakness, only a signal.

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Tracie Renee has over 18 years of clinical experience in both western and holistic

health care.She has been dedicated to work place wellness programs for the desk

bound professional for the past 7 years, helping thousands of people return to their

work with improved morale and productivity. 

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